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This intensive seven-week course offers a comprehensive and immersive experience in creative development across various media. Here's a breakdown of what participants can expect to gain:

Creative Journey: Participants will embark on a journey from conceptualization to creation, guided by structured activities, research, and experimentation. This process encourages openness and attentiveness to the surrounding world, fostering creativity through chance encounters and exploration.

Individual Development: The course provides a supportive and dynamic environment tailored to each student's unique creative potential. Through personalized guidance and feedback, participants can enhance their skills and discover their creative strengths.

Portfolio Building: By the end of the course, participants will have curated a substantial portfolio showcasing their progression and proficiency in different media. This portfolio may include sketchbooks, designs, color stories, and works across various mediums, demonstrating a diverse range of creative abilities.

Idea Generation: Participants will generate numerous innovative ideas throughout the course, offering them a wealth of inspiration for future projects. These ideas can serve as a foundation for continued exploration and development beyond the program's duration.

Research Skills: A key focus of the course is to equip participants with effective research processes. Learning how to conduct thorough research not only enhances the quality of their work but also prepares them for academic pursuits at the BA/MA level.

Preparation for Further Study: The course is particularly beneficial for individuals considering higher education in creative fields. It strengthens research skills, design development, and portfolio-building techniques, providing a solid foundation for future academic endeavors.

Overall, this course offers a holistic approach to creative development, empowering participants to unleash their artistic potential, build a robust portfolio, and lay the groundwork for successful academic and professional pursuits in the creative realm.


Location: Online


Date: Negotiable


Sessions: 7 days / 2 hours per day 


Time: Flexible 


Price: £370


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