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London-based designer: SHAKILA THEBE recently postgraduate at Central Saint Martins (2022) and studied BA at London College of Fashion (2017). Shakila Thebe juxtaposes pre-existing clothes with the ephemeral nature of diaspora identities through her seminal collection “Disrupted immigrant.” In her work, she explores and celebrates the reality of the displaced immigrant. 


Key features of Shakila’s work are the repurposing and dismantling of “found,” mundane objects such as plates and spoons in order to create fragmented patterns and silhouettes. The use of exaggerated color proportions and textures are the highlights of the collection in order to create a sense of intentional tackiness that is personal to the designer. This collection emphasizes 're-wearability'; eschewing the wastefulness of the current state. Her collection navigates the various identities of the Nepalese diaspora and the disruption in their space due to relocation and assimilation. Essentially this collection focuses on the immigrant. The collection highlights their reality with all the cultural differences and nuances they are confronted by. It visualizes the void caused by their lack of cultural understanding. Shakila celebrates societal differences to create a space of community and connection.


In her work, Shakila expresses the need to tell stories of people who migrate to a new place in the hope of better life and opportunities as the rise of political and cultural tensions, evidenced by Brexit, harkens the necessity for empathy and understanding. 


Her work has been featured on the websites such as VogueRunway, 1granary, Documentjournal, SHOWstudio, 10magazine, Doors11,  Not Just A Label, Office Magazine, Just Magazine, Fucking Young, Evening Standard and has received editorial coverage from titles including Re-edition, Coveal, Rain, Sicky, Atlas Magazine, Spectral, Sukeban, Knots, Kaltbult Magazine, REFORM The Funk & many more. Shakila was awarded L'Oreal Professionnel Scholarship and The Honorable Daphne Guinness Hardship Award and was selected as a finalist in the CSMLFW prestigious graduate show to showcase her MA final collection.

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